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This is a new and constantly developed domain. 

With regard to its purpose it may be divided into the following:

Clinical - diagnostic, which includes  actions undertaken by medical specialists. 
Natural - where the musical material consists of natural sounds eg. the noise of a mountain stream, bird-song, the noise of the sea etc. 
Spontaneous - the expression of the emotions eg. involuntary tapping of the rhythm, humming, whistling… 
Adapted - using accidental musical material eg. radio. 
Preventive - used for preventive purposes, using  suitable musical material for the purpose of stimulating or calming the patient.

Music therapy has a beneficial influence on the following:

Musicotherapy has a beneficial influence among other things on: 
the tonicity of muscles, the circulatory system (increases its rate),  the alimentary and respiratory systems, may lower the threshold of mental sensitivity - which is very important in mental retardation or psychical illness. Music may also soften pain, which has been noticed in  health care and  is used effectively during surgical operations, dental, in  obstetrics and gynaecology.

Because the attitude of ROCA-POOLSPA towards hydrotherapy is wholistic, we could not neglect this aspect of health treatment. Especially for our customers, we have created a recording with music therapy, the perfect complement to a sophisticated ROCA-POOLSPA hydromassage.


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