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Hydrotherapy, also called aquatherapy or simply hydropathy. It is a branch of physiotherapy, a method of treatment that uses the external action of water in different states; liquid, solid and gas. The basis of hydrotherapy is a suitable temperature of water and appropriate hydrostatic pressure. 
?ydrotherapeutical treatment may be divided into 
Complete - when the body is immersed up to the neck. 
Partial - when the body is immersed up to the height of the ribs, or hydrotherapy concerns only some part of the body e.g. a limb.

With regard to temperature, hydrotherapy baths may be divided into  

- cool 20-27°C - stimulating the pulse and breath 
- lukewarm 28-33°C - toning the nervous system 
- warm 34-37°C - soothing the body 
- hot 37-42°C - permissible for persons with good circulation, recommended  for neuralgias, protracted changes of gouty joints.

Temporary influence of hydrotherapy:

After 5 min - normalization of pressure and heart rate 
After 10 min - improvement of peripheral circulation 
After 15 min - relaxation of muscles, acceleration of metabolism 
After 20 min - temporary diminution of pain.

Out of concern for the health of our customers, but also considering individual variabilities, it is important to remember about significant contra-indications. Keeping them in mind guarantees the proper functioning of our bodies. The main contra-indications in hydrotherapy are as follows: 
Infections, thrombosis, tumors, ulcerations of shins and feet, diabetes and accompanying lacerations, irregular peripheral circulation, alcohol consumption, meals less than two hours before bathing.

Types of baths:

AIR BUBBLES-  heated air is introduced into the water by a blower. Millions of minute airbubbles come out of the perforated bath bottom, actively massaging your entire body. 

The action of the pearl bath may be compared to the delicate excitation of a micromassage which has a general relaxing effect the nervous system. 
Pearl Bath-recommended  in states of nervous excitation, light organic and functional diseases of the heart and the circulatory system,  minor arteriosclerosis of blood-vessels and insomnia. It is ideal in the fight against obesity, cellulite and stretch marks, thanks to pearl bubble peeling - especially in conjunction with ozone.

The enrichment of the pearl massage with OZONE additionally improves  blood circulation, diminishes muscle stress, aerates and nourishes the skin, and has analgesic effects. The skin is immediately cleaned of keratinised epidermis and disinfected . 
Ozone, which is 15-times more water-soluble and plasma-soluble, improves metabolism, removes  toxins from the body thanks to the accelerated circulation of the lymph system, clears the liver, helps in the effacement of  'bad' cholesterol, accelerates the processes of digestion, regulates the sense of hunger, increases the elasticity of the skin and  stimulates muscles.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS in the case of Pearl Bath are as follows:  circulatory failure, low blood pressure, considerable weakness, intense need of sleep. 
These contra-indications result from the toning activity of  Pearl Bath.


The mixture of water and millions of small air-bubbles are released under large pressure from regulated jets and hit the surface of the body. They strengthen and improve the structure of the skin, and at the same time are a source of great relaxation for the skin. 
Whirlpool bath  is recommended to those with spine problems, rheumatalgias and muscle pains.


This is  bathing  in special baths - in the case of ROCA-POOLSPA it is a therapeutic bath ORION - underwater,  with the help of the physiatrist using a hose with interchangeable endings (jacuzzi) or through special jets generating the flow of water (side jets, directed at the spine and the neck).

linear massage, 
pulsating massage 
rotating massage


and heterothermic (Scottish).

Streams stabilize the autonomic nervous system, prompt circulation, respiration, and metabolism; when applied in certain areas of the body, they can help in rheumatalgias, arthropathies and muscle pains.

Scottish streams also facilitate weight-loss,  improve the texture of the skin, regenerate the epidermis and the subcutis.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS in the case of the stream massage, resulting from the pressure used in treatment, are as follow: 
skin diseases, not healed wounds, scars, incomplete  dysplasia after various traumas


Steam baths take place in a room or cabin, in  air permeated or  saturated with hot steam. In the case of ROCA-POOLSPA, steam baths are best experienced in steam and massage cabins: Therma Round, Therma Corner, and cabins from the Therma Basic series. In these conditions, the body  may stay safe only the temperature ranging between 40 and 50°C, because high atmospheric humidity makes perspiration difficult.

The recommended duration of a steam bath is from 15 to 30 minutes. An ideal conclusion to treatment is a lukewarm shower or  bath. 
These baths have a purifying action for the body, both when it comes to clearing the surface of the skin (clearing the pores), and systemic gains (the acceleration of metabolism, and hence quicker effacement of toxins from the body). Steam baths are also beneficial for moisturizing  the respiratory system,  especially with the Therma Basic in the Fog system which thanks to the fog option has an excellent  moisturizing effect, and simultaneously does not burden the circulatory system and the function of the body.


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