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Body Regenaration

strengthening muscles and joints 
regulating metabolism 
increasing vital force

This hydromassage imitates the movements of a masseur during a classic massage. The main advantage of this type of hydromassage is its astounding regeneration effects. After great physical exercise it is a perfect relaxant for strained muscles and joints, which the massage is able to soothe away.

The results of pulsating hydromassage

Pulsating hydromassage is an equivalent of a manual massage. 
It makes the skin more elastic and helps to soothe. It is especially beneficial after the straining of back muscles and lower limbs.

Air in the form of millions of bubbles is forced underneath the bath and gets to the water through a specially perforated base. The effect of this operation can be compared to a classic massage, but additionally the presence of bubbles increases the oxygen supply to the skin, which in turn enhances blood and lymph circulation in the body.

Air massage – pearl bath. Air bubbles make the body float on waves of water. The skeleton muscles relax, which is very beneficial to the entire body motor system.

Warm air, distributed through the blower, decreases strain on muscles and soothes the pain of muscle sores. This is recommended for the regeneration and treatment of various inflammatory and post-traumatic conditions. A massage with warm air also acts to soothe the neural system, which lowers the heart rate and economizes the activity of the cardiovascular system.


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