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Bacteria and other germs are part of our life. They are ubiquitous and no matter how hard we try, we cannot get rid of them.  However, many bacteria are necessary for us to live, some are neutral, and only a few are definitely dangerous.  It is against these harmful ones we should protect ourselves and avoid the negative effects of their activity.

The ROCA-POOLSPA products, made of LUCITE® acrylic and equipped with Microban® protection, are a true bathroom revolution. The Microban® action enhances the hygiene of the bath, massage and steam cabin, shower tray and massage panel; it ensures an effective protection for you and your family. The LUCITE® acrylic surface, smooth and non-porous, ensures even higher protection against  harmful germs.




How it works

Microban® prevents harmful bacteria from developing, especially those which are responsible for stains and unpleasant smell. Microban® antibacterial protection was built into the acrylic panel during the production process. It damages the bacteria cellular membrane and thus destroys their ability to function, develop and reproduce. 
Microban® protection is effective against e-coli, listeria, legionella  salmonella entiritidis and staphylococcus 
aureus (staph bacteria).


Ruthless on bacteria 
Harmless to people

Microban® protection is absolutely safe. Althought it kills bacteria, it is harmless to people and animals. It is used in many other everyday products, such as toothpastes and toothbrushes, soaps and deodorants. In research carried out under normal conditions, Microban® proved to be less damaging than caffeine or salt.

Lasting effects 

Microban® antibacterial protection is long-lasting; since it is present within the material of the acrylic panel. In contrast to surface antibacterial agents, which can be rinsed off, Microban® ensures enduring protection in harmony with conventional bath cleaning methods. It is active every time baths, shower trays, massage and 
steam cabins or massage panels are used.

Confirmed efficiency 

Microban® antibacterial protection provides a double assurance. First of all, it prevents bacteria formation, then it improves hygiene between uses. Its effectiveness has been examined by an independent centre, Law Laboratories Ltd., a leading research centre in the United Kingdom. The Microban® production process has undergone independent auditing and is approved by Microban (Microban Europe) Ltd.


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