Our latest news: Convert your cesspit to a waste water treatment unit from 1.990 € + VAT!!! READY FOR DELIVERY FIBERGLASS POOL 3,1x3,1x1,4m FROM 6.233 € + VAT !!!  New improved domestic waste water treatment units TSO SBR v.3 at the old prices!!! New economic line of pool enclosures AZURE!!!

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Whirlpools in alphabetical order

KLIO 160x70  rectangular KLIO

KLIO 170x70 rectangular KLIO

KLIO ????????? 140x80 (LEFT)   asymmetrical KLIO

KLIO ????????? 150x100 (LEFT)   asymmetrical KLIO

KLIO ????????? 163x103 (LEFT)   asymmetrical KLIO

KLIO ?????????? 137x137  symmetrical KLIO

KLIO ?????????? 140x140   symmetrical KLIO

LAURA 140x80 (LEFT)  asymmetrical Comfort

LAURA 150x90 (LEFT)  asymmetrical Comfort

LEDA 150x100 (LEFT)  asymmetrical Comfort

LEDA 160x100 (LEFT)  asymmetrical Comfort

LEDA XL 160x100 (LEFT)  asymmetrical Comfort

LINEA 140x70  rectangular Comfort

LINEA 150x70  rectangular Comfort

LINEA 160x70  rectangular Comfort

LINEA 170x70 rectangular Comfort

LIWIA 192x87 original Exclusive  

LUNA 140x95  asymmetrical Comfort

MELODY 210x105 original Exclusive  

MUZA 140x70  rectangular Comfort

MUZA 140x75  rectangular Comfort

MUZA 150x70 rectangular Comfort

MUZA 150x75  rectangular Comfort

MUZA 160x70  rectangular Comfort

MUZA 160x75  rectangular Comfort

MUZA 170x70 rectangular Comfort

MUZA 170x75 rectangular Comfort

NICOLE 150x90 (LEFT) asymmetrical Comfort

NICOLE 160x95 (LEFT)  asymmetrical Comfort

NIMFA 160x90 asymmetrical Comfort

ORCHIDEA 150x150 WITH CASCADE & WINDOW symmetrical Exclusive  

ORFEUSZ 198x90 FOR 2 PERSONS  symmetrical Exclusive

ORION 214x85  original Exclusive  

PARTNER 185x113 FOR 2 PERSONS  rectangular Exclusive

PERSJA 140x140 symmetrical Comfort

PERSJA 150x150symmetrical Comfort

QUARZO 185x90   rectangular Exclusive

ROMA 208x104 WITH CASCADE FOR 2 PERSONS    original Exclusive    

SEKRET 180x80 WITH CORNER WINDOW   rectangular Exclusive

SIDNEY 175x75  rectangular Exclusive

TRIANGEL 155x155   symmetrical Exclusive

VITA 170x75   rectangular Exclusive

VITA 180x80   rectangular Exclusive

VITA 180x90   rectangular Exclusive

VITA 190x90    rectangular Exclusive

WINDSOR 180x85  rectangular Exclusive

WINDSOR 190x85    rectangular Exclusive


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