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Portable SPA
ROCA-POOLSPA is one of the greatest spa equipment constructors in Europe. We are happy to be the exclusive representatives of Poolspa in Greece.  The originality of the products offered in relation to the excisting portable SPA market explains the big success it has encountered. It includes the following 6 bathtubs: MARINA SPA, KATALINA SPA,  VICTORIA SPA, LAGUNA SPAWATERSPACE SPA.

To download a complete catalogue please press here (4.4Mb)


Lately there has been observed a big demand for portable SPA for many persons. Until recently they were regarded as a luxury product offered by hotels or beauty salons. Today TSO-Tsopanakis is giving you the opportunity with the portable SPA by POOLSPA to enjoy both the unique qualities of hydromassage in your private space and a paradise of senses together with your friends.

The stylish design, the advanced technology, the durable construction material and the multiple technical sollutions offer you unique products, thus providing you with a new dimension in the definition of fun, relaxation, regenaration and beauty.  

The portable and non portable SPA bathtabs are a unique and elegant sollution inside and outside your house. Of course, there are bigger models for public places like hotels, gyms and SPA. 



Multiperson portable SPA :

  • Provide relaxation for many persons at the same time.
  • Offer prevention and therapy of reumatologies, arthrites, neuralgies etc 
  • Tonify your circulation and neurological system.
  • Provide the possibility of controling the water temperature and pressure thanks to their electronic control system.  
  • Guarantee the cleanness of the bathtub, since they are equipped with automated filtration and water purification system.  
  • Thanks to the automated filtration and water purification system, it is not required to change the water after every use. 
  • Their light construction allows easy reinstallation in another place. 
  • They are all equipped with an antifrost system, thus allowing their use in below zero temperatures. 
  • The automatic ozonizing system, the air filtration system, the water heating, temperature control and the optional polyurethane cushions add to your comfort and enjoyment.


The smallest of all the models is   MARINA SPA (188?133), with a capacity of 580 l, a rectangular shape, which is easy to install and covers a relatively small area. This is why it's usually chosen for home use. You can put it in the garden, the bathroom, the living-room and even your bedroom. It can be used by 3 persons at the same time and it's equipped with 19 jets for effective hydromassage and relaxation.  

KATALINA SPA, is square of dimensions 193?193, of capacity 800 l, designed for use by 4 persons and equipped with 25 jets. It's ideal for use in hotels, sports centers or beauty salons, or for private use in bigger houses or gardens.   

The square bathtub  LAGUNA SPA, is a new model of dimensions 216 ? 216. Its aesthetic design makes it ideal for outdoor use by 5 persons.    

 VICTORIA SPA is round with a diameter of 178 cm ideal for the outside and for use by 4 persons. 

Last but not least there is the bigger square model for 7 persons,  WATERSPACE SPA of dimensions 233 ? 223 cm

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