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Prefabricated Fiberglass Pools

Many times constructing a swimming pool with concrete is time-consuming and

expensive,plus it requires a construction permit and a lot of labor hours. For those 

who wish to avoid such problems we offer prefabricated fiberglass swimming pools 

in different shapes and types. The swimming pools are covered with 6 waterproof 

layers, anti-slip steps and seats for relaxing after swimming.  

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  • Competitive price
  • High design quality
  • Fast and quick installation
  • Easy everyday cleaning and maintenance
  • Durable construction even in the winter time


 Prefabricated fiberglass swimming pools SETO  represented in the Greek market by TSO-Tsopanakis give you the possibility to have a swimming pool faster, easier and cheaper all over Greece. Many times constructing a swimming pool with concrete is time-consuming and expensive, plus it requires a construction permit and a lot of labor hours. Appropriate sealing and alignment, to avoid leackage, and tiling are some of the additional difficulties.


Prefabricated fiberglass swimming pools are an ideal solution for those who want to avoid these types of problems.  Their installation is very easy and fast and we do it all over Greece. The process just takes a few days and includes the following steps:

1) We determine together the ideal spot for placing the swimming pool at your place

2) You do the excavation and make a light concrete base according to our instructions

3) We place the swimming pool in the pit and install the pipeline network and the electromechanical equipment. The latter is put inside plastic pump room of dimensions 1,2x1,2x1,2m at a close distance from the pool. 

4) Then we fill the pool with water, while your construction worker fills the pit with sand under our guidance. 

5) We set the pool on operation and 

6) all you have to do is arrange the surrounding space and enjoy your new pool.   

 Additionally, these swimming pools are user friendly for everyday maintenance. Their construction and materials make them very durable. Thus you can maintain a clean and brand new-looking pool for many more years than with a liner pool.   

Fiberglass pools are constructed with appropriately selected multi-layered, composite materials. The SETO pools brand has long signified the highest standards in the market in the extent of production and supply of swimming pools. As the only one, we are able to confirm the quality of our products with the ISO: 9001 quality certificate issued by TUV Nord. Our experience in the production of swimming pools and containers designated for continuous contact with water has been gained over several years.

Fiberglass swimming pool production technology. We named it SETO-Core™In this technology the traditional laminate coating was modified by the selection of appropriate materials which guarantee water tightness. The problem of osmosis has been totally minimised.   

The D-Cover™ finishing process drawn up by our engineers is used in the final stage of pool production. The process enables obtaining a surface with the highest parameters - that is very resistant to dirt, the action of chlorinated water and solar radiation on the pool trough. Swimming pool design at SETO is computer supported. This also applies to durability calculations and to the selection of optimal components. We possess the most modern equipment in Poland for the laying of weight-bearing layers, and the technology that we apply for surface finishing is judged to be the most advanced in Europe. The weight-bearing layers are laid mechanically, which guarantees greater stability and structural rigidity. Due to this we eliminate the need to apply additional reinforcements.  


In 2008 an exclusive production line for solid surface/granite colours was introduced. The introduction of this method enabled us to offer products in the same forms and shapes, but with a decidedly more prestigious appearance. This swimming pool type is directed to our most demanding clients

Each swimming pool has separately prepared technical documentation of the production process, so that we may be certain that we provide clients with a product of definitely the highest quality. The completed swimming pool product passes through our multistage inspection process, after which the internal QC-SETO quality certificate is issued. Also, we are able to confirm the quality of our products with the ISO: 9001 quality certificate issued by TUV Nord.

The result of our work is convenient and ergonomic swimming pool. Users particularly appreciate these elements, which  proved to be practical in everyday use:

wide seats on both sides of the steps,

 anti slip surfaces on the steps of the safety of bathers,

 upper frame of swimming pool preventing dust and sand falling directly into the pool. 

Swimming pools SETO are provided to you by TSO-Tsopanakis in the following attractive colours :

and at the following models:

INGRID   3,1m x 3,1m x 1,4m   6,2m3




DIANA    5,0m x 2,5m x 1,35m   9,2m3



FIONA   5,1m x 3,1m x 1,55m   14,6m3




OLIVIA 5,1m x 3,1m x 1,50m    



EMILY 5,5m x 3,1m x 1,55m   15,2m3   

JULIA   6,3m x 3,1m x 1,50m   



SANDRA   6,5m x 3,1m x 1,55m   18,4m3



LEXI    7,0m x 3,1m x 1,55m   18,6m3



KATE   7,6m x 3,6m x 1,55m  



RITA    8,0m x 3,1m x 1,55m   23,5m3




CLARA    8,5m x 3,7m x 1,55m   27,2m3


VICTORIA    8,0m x 4 m x 1,65m   31,6 m3 


Nell  10,0m x 4 m x 1,65m   41,2 m3 




Pool transportation

Excavation and concrete base (these works are not undertaken by us, but we give you instructions for them)

Besides basic electro-mechanic equipment, we can provide to you additionally hydromassage, air massage, and counter current swimming units. 

The top quality equipped plastic pump room.  Spain is the country of origin of the filter and pump.

The anti-slip steps add to the safety, comfort and aesthetics of your pool.  

In a few days your swimming pool is ready for you to enjoy.



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