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193 X 193 X 87

Bathtub KATALINA SPA is the pleasure of bath with hydromassage both outside and at home. This bathtub ensures perfect relax and the excellent frame of mind. It brings your energy back after everyday fatigue and stress. Just like in swimming pools, water is heated, filtered and disinfected, which makes it possible to take a bath many times without having to exchange it. The bathtub can be used by maximum 4 people at the same time. Antifrost system enable to use KATALINA SPA bathtub even in temperature below zero. Automatic ozonizing the water in standard.



- electronic control 
- air massage and hydromassage 
- 4 hydromassage aeration controls 
- water temperature control 
- underwater halogen light 
- 2 kW or 6 KW electric water heater 
- 2.0 HP hydromassage pump 
- 1,1 kW axial blower (blower 0.8 kW, air heater 0,3 kW) 
- water ozonator 
- antifrost system 
- grey equipment 
- foam isolation 
- electric power 1 x 230 V (for electric water heater 2 kW) – standard 
- electric power 3 x 400 V (for electric water heater 6 kW) – option 
- foam isolation

- 16 fixed mini-jets (grey) 
- 1 ozone micro-jet 
- large Matrix jets with interchangeable inserts 
  • 5 directional jets 
  • 3 rotational jets

- 4-part wooden panel (mahogany or pine, as an additional option) 
- 3 polyurethane cushions (gray in a standard option) 
- wooden steps (optional: mahogany or pine) 
- thermal cover (optional) 
- stool hoker (option) 
- umbrella (option) 
- bar mahogany (option)


Square, dimensions: 193 x 193 cm 
Total height: 87 ± 2 cm, number of jets: 25 
Capacity: 880 l 
Max number of people having a bath: 4

length: 193 cm 
width: 193 cm 
depth: 73 cm 
height: 87 cm

880 l

300 kg (empty bath)

Sanitary acrylic reinforced with polyester 
laminate on the aluminium frame



Colours :

They are available in the following colours besides white at an extra charge

Presented colours may differ from the real colouring of the bathtubs.


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